ISP 220 + IMB SA: Inspection with packing and rolling backside

High production inspection with packing machine line for any type of fabric.
With all the features for produce high quality fabric rolls, packed and labelled ready for the shipment

The inspection, winding machine,

ISN NO STOP, allows a check of the fabric quality;this machine can be interfaced with the exit of Rameuse, or other machine kind calendar, without stop it. Tanks at the linear geometry of the drawing, to the sensitive system of synchronization and the motorization of all the rolls of delay fabric, the machine is excellently for the verification of elastic fabrics to sweater and shuttle.
Besides, thanks to the management from PLC interfaced to inverter, the operator can modify in real time tension fabric and hardness roll.
With the addition of a platform to allow the operator a qualitative control more near at the fabric. The winding process happens behind the operator that can accompany the roll on at the end of the phase for pack it on the semi-automatic packing machine.
Semi-Automatic machine to pack rolls of fabric
·          Structure to closet with integral protection of the
           mechanical and electronic parts
·          Ample range ø rolls up to ø1000 mm
·          It Cut film-fabric with electric blade hidden
·          Every type of polythene, both transparent and
           coloured, according to optional features,
           can be used
·          Control microprocessor with trouble-shooting
·          Output capacity up to 60÷100 rolls/h
·          Longitudinal Welding by Thermo-fusion
·          Edge-Closing by thermo-retraction with hot-air