IMB SA: Roll packing "winding system"

Very shirink packing by the plastic winding system.
Possibility to increase the roll protection wrapping it more times.
Suggested for medium productions or with automatic roll cut after the inspection macchine


Automatic packing machine IMB SA have been projected and built keeping in mind of the various typologies of feeding you roll that are set in the cycles of job.

The versatility of this machine allows him to be set in direct exit to the checker as unity of line to different Checkers or fed by tables of accumulation in automatic.

The machine is managed by PLC and it is able to manage the introduction and clearing you roll in various stations of unloading.


·    Structure to closet with integral protection of the mechanical and electronic parts

·    Ample range ø rolls up to ø500 mm

·    It Cut film with electric blade hidden

·    Every type of polythene, both transparent and coloured, according to optional features, can be used

·    Control microprocessor with trouble-shooting feature

·    Output capacity up to 150 rolls/h

·    Longitudinal Welding by Thermo-fusion

·    Edge-Closing by thermo-retraction with hot-air or ultrasound system

·    Possibility to wind more turns of polyethylene on the roll