JOIN-RAIL: Automatic sewing rail

Sewing rail for the automatic and aligned seaming of the fabric rolls.
Flat overlock or chainpoint sewing
Complete of waste vacuum, chain cutter, fabric clamping, automatic machine movement, edge decurler system

JOIN-RAIL is the perfect machine for increase the quality of seam the roll to roll.

Improve the production speed

Reduce loss times

 Reduce the marking of the fabric

Enhances the tension controll of the fabric


The "flat" sewing reduce the marking of the fabric when is winded in roll or on A-frame.

The perfectly aligned and parallel stitching also enhances the tension controll of the fabric throughout the production process.


• Machine movement perfectly synchronized with the seam

• Clamping of the 2 fabric layer in full width

• Clamping of the favric sides

• Automatic machine stop according to the height of the fabric

• Automatic chain cutter

• Vacuum of the fabric waste

• Automatic  of fabric edge decurler

Overlock  1 needle, 2 threads 6.000 stitch/min

Flat sewing  overginding width 18mm

Overlock 2 needle, 4 threads 7.000 stitch/min

Non flat sewing for lace fabrics

Automatic movement

Sides clamping units for stop the fabrics,
decurl the edges of the lycra fabrics and align the fabric left-right

Full width fabric clamping for the perfect alignment of the fabrics to sewn

Automatic chain cutting

Automatic fabric waste vacuum

PLC and digital control panel
Adjustable sewing and movement speed

Can be used on wheels or in a batch preparation line


  • JOIN-TROLLEY: Sewing trolley

    PRG 260: Sewing and batching machine with exit in A-frame

    PRF 240: Sewing and batching machine with exit in plait

    PR 120: Sewing and preparation machine with no-stop