AR PP: Metercounter machine with winding for sampling

Winding machine for the control of the meter of the roll and cutting at set meters,
with control of the fabric tension for delicate fabrics and elastomeric 


The range of product

AR series, are been projected and studied for the winding and the quality inspection of the fabric. Destined to all the firms with the necessity to control small and middle quantities of fabrics; their great versatility it’s a support to many productive realities where exists the necessity to verify and to measure a large typology of fabric. Particularly...


·          Work: mixed Lycra over mixed viscous,

           elastomer; wool in the various typologies;

·          Machine projected for fabric h 160÷260 cm;

·          5-40 m/min inspection whitout interruptions;

·          Tolerance of verify 0.2%.

The machine can be equipped, according to the necessities, with:

·          Inspection adjustable table for perform small

           operation of qualitative follow-up;

·          Relocation wheel for a best handiness and

           management in own business apparatus;

·          Digital management of the meters of fabric worked

           with automatic stop to meters;

·          Management of fabric tension;

·          Management of hardness roll;

·          Auto-centring module for a perfect alignment of the


·          Weighing system

·          Auto-drawing belt