CX 220 EVO: Tubular sewing machine

ingAutomatic doubling and sewing machine
for return in tubular form with elastomeric fabrics and improving the dyeing quality
avoid the defect caused from an dye in open width

Used to prepare the fabric for the dyeing, (after the cutting and thermofixing operation);

For the doubling and seaming the 2 fabric edges in tubular form .

By the perfectly aligned stitching a few millimeter from the edges:

✔ Solves dyeing problems at the fabric middle

✔ Solves dyeing problems problems of curled selvedge.

✔ It improves the final quality of the fabric and reduces waste


CX 220 EVO Tubular sewing machine it is the result of over 40 years of experience.  
Success has been immediate and it is reinstated to six year-old distance by the before. In this time course has also had different improvements maintaining him standard of exchanges of the various mechanical and electronic components besides a selvedge of our conception and brevet it centers which guarantees the alignment of the same to 10mm from the point of union.

Especially with knit fabrics (lycra, jersey ecc ) this machine  allows to dye the fabrics with a final process quality  impossible to have with the direct dyeing  of the fabric in open rope.


Worked products:

✔ Circular knitted fabric
✔ Wear
✔ Cotton lycra
✔ Woven
✔ Elastic fabric
✔ Wool and blended wool
✔ Viscose
 basically any type of fabric....


1) Fabric alingment before the doubling phase 
2) Fabric edge alignment before the sewing
3) PLC with self-learn system and automatic adjustment of the fabric defects
4) Multiset of fabric spreading systems and edge deculer
5) Sewing sensor with automatic machine stop if the fabric is not closed

Automatic unstitching after the dye, by 1 chain point sewing
Sewing machine speed 5400 sti/min limited at 3600 sti/min for machine protection
Forced sewing machine lubrification
Sewing system by feed dog for the maximum guarantee of the sewing point

Fabric width standard 220/240cm, (available up to 360cm on order) 
Working speed up to 38 meters/min
Adjustable sewing point lenght from 5 up to 13mm
Adjustable fabric tension during the sewing
Elastic sewing for avoid thread break during the dye


Double separated system of fabric tension control:
1) On the doubling
2) On the sewing

Elastic seaming for avoid thread breaking on the dyeing

Automatic systems

Over 50 fabric width position sensors with a sensibility of 5mm and automatic control of the middle fabric position before the doubling
Automatic record and compensation of the fabric unbalancing defect characteristic
Active and passive safety systems with diagnostic
Automatic fabric hole reading with automatic stop
Automatic fabric end batch reading with automatic stop
Automatic position correction of the sewing machine at the change of fabric width
Elettro-mechanical guarantee control of occurred sewing and closure bag with automatic machine stop with or without the operator

Two automatic independent centring units, for the best alignment of the fabric selvedges (COMATEX PATENT)
1 One centring unit for the open width fabric, before the doubling
2 One centring unit for the doubled fabric, before the sewing

Fabric spreaders motorized rollers and curved bars 
Over 14 mechanical fabric selvedges unwinder in 4 different area of the machine
Air selvedges blower near the sewing
Motorized roller, sewing machine, centring units with adjustable speed by frequency controller
New sketch for the doubling triangle combined with the new fabric tension control in the doubling phase allow to double without problems also the last generation fabric


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